Day care
Pre school
(Pre-KG, LKG and UKG)
After school care

Believing that preschool-aged children learn and develop the most through play, our desire is to see them grow in these three areas:

1. Socially by playing with their classmates and learning how to interact in a classroom setting.
2. Academically by providing them with age-appropriate activities that teach them letters, numbers, colors, shapes, writing, fine-motor skills, and gross-motor skills.
3. Emotionally by learning to be in a safe environment away from mom or dad.
PARENT/TEACHER RELATIONSHIP: Open and honest communication will be the fundamental foundation for our parent/teacher relationship. We desire to build trust in you as we, together, enrich and develop your child. Your concerns are our concerns.
Goals & Objectives

To provide an experience that will meet children's needs and stimulates learning in all developmental areas.

To help children discover and realize their full potential in a secure, nurturing and stimulating environment.

To develop their skill and help them become independent, responsible and socially adjusted individual in school, at home and in the community

Our Class Rooms
Approximately three to five weeks prior to our infants graduating to this group, we introduce them to the new room on a daily basis. We start with one hour a day and progress to a full day. Some children transition with no problem, others need two weeks or so to adjust. This is very normal and we do all we can to help you and your child adjust.

There are some major changes to this group in comparison to the infant room. The children are on a set schedule. By this time, they are down to one bottle a day. They perfect drinking from a cup, attempt feeding themselves, and nap time is one time a day. These are some of the more obvious changes, but there are other subtle changes that are equally as eye-opening. Your child will have just started walking so there may be a lot of “boo boo’s” in the first few weeks. They will be more tired at night because the day is filled with activities. And diaper bags are gone, as your child will now have his or her own cubby for changing supplies. The children hone their cognitive skills with introductions to the alphabet and numbers. They will learn animal sounds, songs, colors, and other basic sounds. Cocoonz start working on art projects as well, that will be prominently displayed in the school halls for all visiting family members to see. Tradition recess is also offered twice a day on good weather days.

Our goal is to provide an atmosphere and learning environment for children that will ease the minds of parent’s while they are at work.
Safety and Security
We incorporate extensive safety and security features in the design of our centre’s and have rigorous procedures in place, to ensure that your child is kept safe in our care.

  • Monitored, child-proof doors, controlled entry and exit points, and intercom systems, to help ensure that no person can enter or leave our premises without the full consent of our staff.
  • A detailed registration form to ensure that strict procedures are in place for other family members and friends you may wish to nominate to collect your child.
  • Rooms designed with safety in mind, using features such as elevated radiators, door handles, sockets and switches.
  • Comprehensive records on-site for every child in our care, including a full medical history.
  • A daily record system covering attendance, meals, sleeping patterns, activities, incidents, accidents, nappy-changes, sickness, medicine administration, and many more areas, to help you and the health board to monitor our standards.
  • Very high standards of hygiene and maintenance to ensure a safe, clean environment for your child.
  • Off-street parking at our centre’s to make it safer and easier for you to drop off and collect your child.
  • Webcams fitted in our centre’s as part of our internet viewing service (subject to coverage), giving parents extra piece of mind.

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